DIY Leather Choker (3 methods)


I remember a couple years back, I was cleaning my room and found one of those black, plastic chokers that was once trendy and loved. I chucked it into the trash thinking it would never be stylish again, and here we are several years later! Chokers are back, filling every 90s girl with nostalgia. Here I have designed a little twist to the choker we once knew and loved.

I designed three methods of creating this choker, ranging from easy to complex.


  • Pleather
  • An awl or leather hole punch
  • Needle & thread
  • An old belt
  • Sharpie

If you decide to do methods two or three you’ll also need

  • a ruler
  • Tape measure or string
  • Paper

Method One

Just a note, but if you plan to use an old belt for method one, I recommend getting soft leather or suede. I used this kiddie belt and it was difficult to puncture and cut (not to mention wear). You can probably see me struggling in the video.


  1. Take an old belt and wrap it comfortably around your neck. Mark where the buckle ends.
  2. Now from that mark, create three holes 1″ apart using an awl or leather hole punch.
  3. Lastly, take a pair of scissors and taper the ends 1″ away from the last hole punched.

Method Two

imnosidekick_LeatherChoker2 copy

  1. Using a tape measure or string, wrap it comfortable around your neck.Imnosidekick_ChokerInstructions1
  2. Create this template and include your neck measurement. In total your strip should be 4-1/2″ + Neck Circumference.
  3. Tape your template onto a piece of pleather and cut.
  4. Punch three holes 1″ apart in the section labeled “3 inches.” Also, punch one hole in the middle of the section labeled “1 inch.”
  5. Cut the buckle off an old belt and slip through the 1 inch section. Fasten using a backstitch.
  6. Taper the end of your choker.

Method Three


  1. Using the template from method two, cut the 1 inch section in half.
  2. Place your template on the center fold of your pleather, with the 1 inch section on fold.
  3. Spread open and lay your pleather flat. Make a hole in the middle of your strip.
  4. Cut the buckle off an old belt and slip through to the middle of your pleather.
  5. This is an optional step, but you can cut a small strip of pleather and sew it near the buckle to create a belt loop. The ends should be sandwiched between the pleather choker. It will be difficult to machine sew on, so I recommend hand stitching it first and then completing as much of the outline as you can.
  6. Place the two ends together and backstitch along the outline of the belt.
  7. Punch three holes 1″ apart near the end of the belt.

I hope my explanation was thorough and helpful, but if anyone needs further details please let me know in the comments. If you make your own choker then please tag me on Instagram or twitter using #imnosidekick

Want more DIYs? I’m open to suggestions! Leave me an idea in the comments below!


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