Koi Watercolors Pocket Field Sketch Box | Review


Today I am super excited to be reviewing this Koi water color pocket field sketch box that I recently received as a gift! I’m still new to watercolors and by no means an expert, but I figured I would throw in my thoughts about this set from a beginner’s point of view. I’ll be sharing the contents of this box, along with some characteristics of the paints, pros vs. cons, and my final opinion. On to the review!

24 swatches are offered in this set


  • 24 colors (half pans)
  • A 9ml refillable water brush w/cap
  • 2 sponges
  • A palette for mixing (3 medium & 2 large) that can change to 1 of 3 positions
  • Ring holder

Transparency vs. Opaqueness

Although the packaging claims that these watercolors are transparent, I did the sharpie test just to show you all. As you can see, none of the colors were opaque enough to cover the black lines I made, so these definitely qualify as transparent watercolors.

Granulating vs. Non-Granulating


The pigment is noticeably speckled if not dissolved well enough, however with enough mixing the color appears hardly grainy. It’s still visible, but only if you look very closely to your paper. However, granulating is still achievable with less water. Here I tested the colors Cadmium Red Hue, Ultramarine Deep, and Burnt Umber. I can conclude that these watercolors are non-granulating.

Staining vs. Non-Staining


Here I tested Quincridone Rose under 4 different levels of opacity, but was unsuccessful erasing all the color off my paper. So it’s safe to say that these watercolors will stain.


  • Basically everything offered in this box (minus the sponges)
  • Compact, but still has many colors
  • Fast and easy start up
  • Cover acts as an easel


  • Sponges are nonabsorbent!

Final Verdict

For a price tag of around $40, I would say this is definitely worth every dime. I wish I had come across this set a year ago when I was taking illustration classes because it is so compact! I love that this set offers a variety of colors and it’s easy to paint outdoors with because of the ring holder. It’s also flexible because you can change the position of where the palette sits. The brush is fun to play with and I found it very easy to create washes with since you can push water out from the barrel. My only complaint is that the sponges do not soak up water, so it’s best to carry some paper towel instead. I definitely recommend this to any traveler or artist who likes to paint outdoors!


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