2017 New Year’s Resolutions + Art Goals

Yet another year comes to a close. 2016 was a challenging year for many, including myself, but I’ve learned to overcome much of the obstacles in my path. Despite what I’ve accomplished this past year, I still have a few things I want to improve on.

Personal Goals

1. Develop self discipline.

This was one of my goals for 2016, but I didn’t stick to it. I need discipline so I can create good habits and eliminate the bad. I feel like once I accomplish this, I’ll be able to do so much more during the day. I’ve been reading self help blog posts and I found this one from IQ Matrix to be extremely helpful! Check it out if you want to improve your self discipline as well.

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Project Log: Sewing a Blazer


It’s finally winter break which means I can go back to my regular routine of drawing, crafting, and sewing! If you’re wondering where I’ve been for the past several months…well school just got stressful as usual. I didn’t realize when I first started the semester, but all my classes were project based so I’ve just been constantly working on one project after another. Today I’m going to share just one of the garments I’ve finished this past fall.

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Grumbacher Deluxe Opaque Watercolors | Review


Today I’ll be reviewing another watercolor pan set, but this time it’s the Grumbacher Deluxe Opaque Watercolors. Last time I reviewed the Koi Watercolor Pocket Field Sketch Box which were transparent watercolors, but I also wanted to experiment with the use of opaque watercolors to play around with different types of paints.

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Art & Sewing Supplies Haul September 2016

Last month I’ve had a surge of motivation to try new mediums and improve my art. Black and white has been my comfort zone for some time, with occasional acrylic and pastel colored pieces here and there, but watching some of my favorite watercolor artists has inspired me to take on this new challenge and to play with new colors. Here are just some supplies I picked up in September.

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Koi Watercolors Pocket Field Sketch Box | Review


Today I am super excited to be reviewing this Koi water color pocket field sketch box that I recently received as a gift! I’m still new to watercolors and by no means an expert, but I figured I would throw in my thoughts about this set from a beginner’s point of view. I’ll be sharing the contents of this box, along with some characteristics of the paints, pros vs. cons, and my final opinion. On to the review!

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DIY Leather Choker (3 methods)


I remember a couple years back, I was cleaning my room and found one of those black, plastic chokers that was once trendy and loved. I chucked it into the trash thinking it would never be stylish again, and here we are several years later! Chokers are back, filling every 90s girl with nostalgia. Here I have designed a little twist to the choker we once knew and loved.

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