DIY Origami Clutch

imnosidekick_origami Clutch

Cups are one of the most basic objects you could fold in origami. In total, there are about 5 steps. Any child could make it in 10 seconds! They’re useful for popcorn, granola, even water (though I don’t recommend it). Here I channeled this easy craft into a DIY minimalistic clutch perfect for any occasion. Continue reading “DIY Origami Clutch”


DIY Leather Choker (3 methods)


I remember a couple years back, I was cleaning my room and found one of those black, plastic chokers that was once trendy and loved. I chucked it into the trash thinking it would never be stylish again, and here we are several years later! Chokers are back, filling every 90s girl with nostalgia. Here I have designed a little twist to the choker we once knew and loved.

I designed three methods of creating this choker, ranging from easy to complex. Continue reading “DIY Leather Choker (3 methods)”